Conference and Seminars

We provide event management services for conferences and seminars. Let us go through our procedure of carrying out such event

Deciding the theme

We strongly agree that every conference needs to have a theme. What could be the unifying message that the speakers will deliver and what could be the key takeaway for the attendees.

Talking about theme, we like something that is catchy, relevant and triggers an emotional response. Because at the end of the day, a client wants the conference to inspire and stimulate one-on-one conversation.

Also, theme, is just not limited to the event setup. It goes way beyond. It also guides clients branding and promotion. This includes logo designing, social media campaigns for the particular event etc.

Assembling our A-team

For every conference we manage, we make sure the team members are shuffled. So that something fresh comes out of them. Our team plans, negotiates and promotes the event. We perform the following tasks:

Team that plans: Conference venue, activities, accommodation and catering

Administration team: Key job is to do the Budgeting. One of these team members will also serve as the point of contact between the client and our assigned event planner.

Team that manages: This includes

  • PR
  • Promotional material
  • Digital campaigns

Business plan

Whether our client’s event is funded by sponsored or not, we always put together a budget. We need to know the money is spent and why following are the common items that we require for budgeting:

  • Venue
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Catering
  • Activities