What Image Comes to Your Mind When We Say Destination Wedding?

You picture a luxurious wedding happening in some European destination. Well, that’s not how it is. People in Pakistan have started opting for destination wedding outside their city or province.

So, what makes a destination wedding what it is? Whether a wedding takes place at a location few hours away from the couple’s current town or few cities away, its termed as destination wedding. Another compulsory characteristic of a destination wedding is that all the guests have to travel from out-of-town to be a part of the wedding.

Every couple wants to make their big day the most memorable event in their life. Few of them choose to do it in a simple manner with just the presence of close friends and family. While others go out of their way to make their event and event that all the guests remember. These couples opt for multiple functions and invite at least 400 guests. And why they should not? After all destination weddings are unique. They offer the thrill of travelling to another place.

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Affordable Destination Wedding Location

Let VenueHub offer you a range of affordable destination wedding locations. It will suit your budget and at the same time make you have a magical wedding day. Following is the list if some affordable destination wedding locations. Have a look, and finalize a location! 

Destination Weddings In Pakistan


The picturesque land of Hunza is more than perfect for your wedding. You can make your dreams come true at any given place in Hunza, because it is beautiful on the whole. When we talk about Hunza, how can we forget the famous Attabad Lake? Attabad lake is beautiful result of a natural disaster. It is undoubtedly the most scenic lakes in Pakistan. Just a look at the clear blue water will make you feel like you are living in a poet’s dream. Attabad lake is no less than the famous lake como in Italy. Hunza will offer you a beautiful landscape that will guarantee to make your wedding as special as it can be. And of course, Hunza is considered to be an affordable destination wedding location


Talking about affordable destination wedding location , Sakrdu is one good location too! It is full of places that will make you say “ I want to get married right here”. Sakrdu has this beautiful Khaplu Palace. This artistic palace is open to visitors from early March to October. As per the weather in Sakrdu, the time from September to November is idle to have a destination wedding. When we talk about Sakrdu, how can we forget the famous Shangri-La Resort!? Though it is an expensive venue, but who can put a price on curating the most memorable moments of your life!

Azad Khasmir

The folklore and tales of the immaculate beauty of Kashmir are known by all of us. The beautiful meadows, mystical land forms, lakes and rivers make it the perfect spot for weddings. Talking specifically about Azad Kashmir, Muzaffaradbad is the perfect location for your destination wedding. It even has PC hotel, so you will not face any issue as far as accommodation is concerned. The hotel is state-of-the-art and is at a distance from the loud downtown. Azad Kashmir is highly recommended for affordable destination wedding locations.


Burban has been a famous tourist spot for the local and overseas Pakistanis from decades. The Pearl Continental hotel has been there from a long time. The hotel stands amidst lush green mountains and trees. The resort is perfect for a destination wedding. Guests have accommodation, there are halls within the hotel, there is also ample space for an outdoor wedding, hence it’s a good option as far as affordable destination wedding location.


The capital city of Lahore is a blend of city life and mountainous areas. Hence making it a good spot for destination weddings. While in other northern areas, everything has to be taken along, but in Islamabad, one can find everything. From a good make up artist to a good photographer. The city offers striking venues. It has hotels such Marriot and Serena. These 5-star hotels have exotic wedding halls. We would highly recommend Islamabad as an affordable destination wedding location


Are you an overseas Pakistani looking to host your children’s wedding in Pakistan? You will be in Pakistan for a very short span of time and don’t want to get into any hassle? Then hosting destination wedding in Lahore is the best option ever. What does this city not offer? Makeup artists, photographers, videographers, event planners, dress designers, caterers, you name it! We recommend all our overseas clients to opt for Lahore. 

French Beach

Want to have a beach wedding in Pakistan? Let’s do it! If you are a beach person you will definitely want to have your destination wedding at a beach. But to have that kind of wedding you don’t have to travel abroad. The beautiful French beach located in Karachi is just the perfect spot. It is located halfway between the famous Hawks Bay and Paradise Point. The beach consists of about 100 huts. So as far as accommodation is concerned you are sorted! And since Karachi is the biggest and most advanced city in Pakistan, so a couple will not have any problem.


Destination wedding outside Pakistan

There have been very few destination weddings out of Pakistan. In fact, not even few, just six weddings that took place out of Pakistan. And all six of them took place in turkey. Istanbul, to be precise.

 Why Turkey? Why not…. Dubai? 

The travel time to Dubai is just Two and a half hour. You can find a lot of desi things there. For example, makeup artist, dress designer, photographer etc. But what is the point of having a destination wedding in Dubai. Its hot and its very expensive. You will find Pakistani people everywhere. So, if you are looking for having a destination wedding in a place that is totally alien to you, then Dubai is not the option! So, we come back to Turkey!



Why To Choose Turkey For A Destination Wedding?

Turkey is a beautiful blend of European and Asian influences. It has a diversified landscape of unmatched beauty. The country offers striking and truly stunning backdrop for a memorable wedding abroad… from the hustling and bustling city of Istanbul to the enchanting Cappadocia.

Things to take into consideration while planning a wedding in turkey

You need to know and figure out the following:

  1. A civil ceremony is the only legally binding kind of wedding ceremony possible in Turkey
  2. A translator is required if either of the couple does not speak the local language
  3. A couple can only have a religious ceremony after having a civil ceremony that has taken place either in turkey on in your own homeland


Pakistan is facing an all-time inflation. The rate of dollar is flying in the air. But be it recession or inflation, the business of wedding remains unaffected. Because of the simple reason, people don’t stop getting married. And market is full of event planners. But 97% of the event planners do not offer destination weddings. Because of the simple reason that organizing a destination wedding is very challenging. Starting from the HR, to commuting, to carry the setup, managing the utilities, arranging accommodation and finally setting up everything as planned is a tedious process. Since the process is long, tedious and challenging, therefore destination weddings are costly. But the cost varies. Prices depend on the number of days and events, location, time of the year, total number of guests and much. That said, the average cost of a destination wedding can never be estimated. Because of the various factors involved. 

What Effects The Cost Of A Destination Wedding? ​​

A destination wedding has typically the same elements as a local wedding. A couple would want venue, catering, invitations, photographer, event planner, dress etc. Travel and accommodations will add up to the cost. If you want to cut down the cost of your destination wedding then it all depends on you. The more things you add the more expensive your wedding will be. We think if you really want a destination wedding, then compromise on other elements. For example, instead of going for an ultra-expensive bridal dress opt for something affordable. In the similar way, instead of hiring country’s leading photographer, choose someone who is not only good at his craft but is affordable too. By doing all this, you will be able to save a lot of money and spend it on the cost of logistics and accommodation for destination weddings. 

There is a huge variety of wedding planners in Lahore. Each of them has their own USP. While most of them might be able to execute a decent wedding day, not all of them have the setup of hosting a destination wedding. Hence destination wedding planners are very few. We would recommend our followers to select destination wedding planner very carefully. Event Planners can claim to organize and exceptionally well destination wedding but may be the case is different in reality. Deeply study the portfolio of destination wedding planner. Discuss every aspect of the previous destination wedding they have organized. Don’t get bought by the words of the planner. See, observe, evaluate and then decide. 

How can Venuehub help in organizing a destination wedding?

Venuehub has been in the business of offering venue for your wedding from past 5 years. We offer venues in all price ranges. In Lahore, we are the only venue provider, who has over 250 venues on board. Apart from this, we have been doing wedding event management from quite a long time. So, we offer a one-stop-solution! You just need to tell us your dates and destination. We will do the rest. Starting from booking the destination, arranging the accommodation, doing the décor, handling the catering and food, we do everything! So, if you want to plan a destination wedding, contact us now! We will make your big day, the best day of your life! 

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