Everyone loves a memorable wedding. What better way to ensure a successful one than by hiring a celebrity or musician to perform at it? Talking about Lahore specifically, we only have a numbered celebrities who appear in a lot of weddings. This includes Qawal Santu, Rahet Fateh Ali Khan and Sukhbir. So where is individuality? Now where! And that’s exactly where VenueHub comes in!

Celebrity Hosts for Events

Venuehub offers completely out-of-the-box ideas as far as entertainment on your big day is concerned. We have worked with various guests and celebrities for our clients. Starting from the evert classy Ayesha Omer to the witty Ahmed Ali butt, we have them all on your panel. When it comes to celebrity performances, you name the celebrity and we will arrange them for you. Their energetic performances will set the stage on fire

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When it comes to celebrity performances, you name the celebrity and we will arrange them for you.
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Celebrity Management for Events

Let’s say you are planning your wedding and you want to book a celebrity for it. How will you do that? Go to their Instagram and tell them the dates of your function and your budget. And you think by doing so you will book them for your event? No, that’s not the case. Celebrity Management for Events is a process that we acquire to cover every aspect of this type of entertainment. We negotiate with them, plan their performance, organize their hair and makeup team, their outfits, the duration of their performance, terms and conditions for payment, contracts and so much more.

Background Dancers


For Mehndis a new trend has emerged. Now people hire special dancers dancing on the background when the main dancers are performing. Its just like a performance on an award show, where the background dancers are wearing the same outfit mostly in loud colors adding to the festivity in the event. We offer those background dancers; be it make or female. The background dancers waltz out illuminated by neon or multicolored lights and the SMD screen in the background flash out wild pops of colour. Youthful, fresh, thumping and pumping to a frenetic beat, this kind of entertainment sets the wedding event rolling at a great pace.

SMD Screens


A big fat Pakistani wedding is totally extra! People go out of their way and sometimes don’t even compromise on their budget to make sure each and every aspect of their wedding offers luxury, grandeur and uniqueness. In doing so, many a times, the hosts opt for SMD screens. Its mostly used for the guests who are seated far from the stage, so that everyone can see the main activities of the event.

Celebrity Guests

Many people want their wedding to go viral. They want their Special moments to add spark and talkability. For this purpose, they engage celebrity as their guests. We can book a Celebrity Guest as per your preference. They will come, engage with the bride and groom, get pictures with them, stay for a while and go. This little process is bound to make your wedding a memorable event for not only your guests but entire social media.

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