Event Management

What is event management in a laymans language? It is the creation, development and execution of personal and corporate events. Some people usually consider event management and event planner as separate domains. But these are both the same things! A customer uses both these domains interchangeably. They might appear to be the same, but there is a stark difference.

What is Event planning

Let’s start with event planning. Be it a private or corporate event, everything starts the planning. The process starts with discussion about budgets, themes, dates etc. Event planning from the initial stages of concept and goes on till the event is over. When we work as an event planner for a client, we offer various services:

  • Finalizing the venue
  • Selecting the theme and tone for the event
  • Negotiating with the vendors
  • Finalizing the budget
  • Executing the plan

What is Event management

While an event planner, plans and executes an event, the event management services provider looks after everything related to the event. An event management service provider creates, coordinates and manage all aspects of the event

Responsibility of an event management service provider:

  • Finalizing the location for the event
  • Manage the HR
  • Designing emergency contingency plans
  • Making sure they have done compliance with health and safety standards
  • Monitoring and executing the event

Can event managers and event planners work as a team?

Yes, they can! In fact, they both work in sync to organize a successful event. An event management service provider looks after everything including having the liaison with the event planner.

Event planners in Lahore

When we talk about the heart of Punjab- Lahore, we come across a plethora of event planners in Lahore. There are some that have been in the market from a long time. Those are the veterans. But now since wedding business has become very lucrative, every second person has become an event planner in Lahore. Sounds strange? But that’s the reality. Consumers are open to countless event planners in Lahore. It could be wedding planner in Lahore or corporate event planner in Lahore. As we mentioned, market is full of event planners in Lahore but there are still certain famous event planners who have made their mark. VenueHub is considered in the top ten list of event planners in Lahore. We have provided location for events for more than 8500 clients. VenueHub has redefined the way events have been planned in Lahore. We start off by providing a bespoke location for the event. No other event planner in Lahore has as many venue options as Venuehub has.

Event planning services

When it comes to event planning services then there is a large list of services an event management company can provide. Talking specifically about Venuehub, we provide a huge list of event planning services. This includes Farm houses, Event management, Event décor, Entertainment (Choreographers, SMD, Host, celebrity guests), Food & Catering, Transport and luxury cars and Destination weddings. We provide these event planning services in the most seamless way. Our process is simple. We meet the client, show them options for locations and décor. We inquire about what kind of entertainment they wish to have. We show them our options and close the deal. But our services just don’t end there. Our event planning services continue till the event is successfully finished. We always meet our clients post the event to take their feedback. Because we consider our clients our ambassadors. There may be countless event planners in Lahore, but the event planning services provided by Venuehub are unparallel. There is hardly an event planner in Lahore, that offers destination wedding, we do! All you need is to tell your budget; requirements and we will offer our premium event planning services.

Wedding planner in Lahore

Now let’s talk specifically about wedding planners in Lahore. There are event planners in Lahore, who deal in all types of events. Ranging from weddings to corporate events, from concerts to launches etc. But wedding planners in Lahore are less as compared to event planners in Lahore. Venuehub is an event planner. It means you just name the type of event and we will execute it. Being one of the top wedding planners in Lahore, we have organized Mayoo, Mehndi, Barat, Shehndi, Walima and bridal showers. For us every new event is challenging because we don’t believe in repetition. Starting from the layout to execution, we do everything in a different way every time. This makes us stand out as wedding planner in Lahore.

Corporate event management

Now let’s tilt our discussion from wedding planners in Lahore to corporate event management. The dynamic of organizing a corporate event and private event is slightly different. When it comes to corporate event management, there are a whole lot of event types. Such as conferences, product launches, award shows, incentive trips and annual dinners. Corporate event management demands the event planner to be highly tech-savvy. There are a lot of companies in Lahore that are offering corporate event management but only a handful of them have managed to get appreciated from the clients as well as the consumers. Planning and executing a successful corporate event are no simple task. It starts several months before the event and goes through countless stages. When it comes to corporate event management, every event budget has to have built-in flexibility. Unforeseen expenditure happens all the time. Typically, a supplier’s costs is based on estimates instead of fixed prices, therefor its important that a ballpark figure is decided as the budget and funds. Hence it can be easily stated that a corporate event planner faces a lot of challenges.

Corporate event management objective

What is the entire idea behind the events objective? This should be the first question an event planner in Lahore will ask when a corporate event is requested. Once the event planner in Lahore has understood whether the event’s aim is, for example, to enhance brand awareness, launch a new product or service, hold a conference on seminar, they can set their goals. So, from all of this, it can be easily gauged that corporate event management is far more demanding than a job of an event planner in Lahore. An entire army of thorough professionals is required to execute corporate event management. Being Lahore’s leading corporate event planner, VenueHub has planned and executed various types of corporate events. The main work starts from asking the client about the corporate event management objective. Once that is determined, the event planner in Lahore presents a proposal, if the corporate company in Lahore, likes the presentation, then the corporate event management company will go ahead with the planning. Initial planning requires booking of a nice venue, selecting a team member from the team to be point-of-contact from the corporate event management company and then executing the proposed plan. The plan should be SMART. Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound. VenueHub makes sure that all the plans are SMART, that is one of the reasons why VenueHub comes at the top when corporate event management in Lahore is searched on google. One thing which should be in consideration, that the bigger the corporate event, the longer will be the pre-event and post-event planning.

wedding planners that are located near you

As we mentioned earlier that in today’s day and age, one can find number of wedding planners. Some of them are highly expensive, while some are reasonable. That is precisely the reason why a customer gets confused while searching for a wedding planner near me. While looking for wedding planner, one should search only wedding planner instead of wedding planner near me. Because if you google just wedding planner near me, then you will get only limited options. Why get only limited options when you can more options from all types of wedding planners?

Famous event planners

Venuehub comes on the top when we talk about famous event planners in Lahore. We understand that it is a privilege to be part of your big day. We have the design and production experience to make it magical. We listen, design, source, and work with all the best suppliers to create and manage every aspect of your perfect day for you and your guests. Our focus on originality and innovation with a cohesive vision will make the end result a unique, seamless event at every detail. It is because of these reasons that Venuehub has become on the top on the list of famous event planners. What adds more to it, is the fact that we also provide venues. So, we offer convenience to our customers. We offer a one stop solution. Customers looking for venues and visiting one after another is quite a tedious job. Also, it’s hard to trust. Your famous event planner offers total credibility. In a highly transparent way, we provide venues as well as event planning services.

Event planning services

Whether working for an event-planning company or another type of business, an event planner ensures everything related to an event is taken care of, from idea conception, preparations, and day-of logistics. Charged with creating experiences and bringing visions to life, an event planner is adept at juggling many tasks. Scouting locations, soliciting bids, managing vendor relationships and client communications, creating and negotiating contracts, and managing budgets are all typical functions in the event planner role. Overall, it’s their job to ensure the client or company can focus on the conference meeting, seminar, or other event at hand, while the details are being covered.

Corporate event management

As a corporate event management, the team of VenueHuB goes through the following process:

  • Set up a meeting with the potential clients to know their objective of touching base with us
  • Coming up with the scope of work for the event
  • Send a proposal
  • Present our ideas
  • Get the deal sealed
  • Start the planning of the event
  • Book a venue
  • Engage the team of operations
  • Get the event executed as per the clients demands
  • Work with the clients PR, Digital and advertising agency teams
  • Monitor event activities to ensure the client and event attendees are satisfied
  • Review event bills and approve payment

To sum it all, we would recommend all our potential clients to think sensibly before throwing huge amount of money while planning your big day or your corporate event! There are a number of event planners in Lahore, who charge triple the amount of money. They practice fraudulence. VenueHub on the other hand, provides completely transparent services. We strive to offer you nothing but the best