Farm Houses

Farm Houses

Historically the use of a farmhouse was completely different. Earlier a farmhouse was considered as a kind of property in an agricultural setting, which was used for residential purposes. But today, they are used for commercial purposes. They are used for various kind of events and get together. Weddings, conferences, engagements, dinners are few of the occasions that are carried on in a farm house. There are countless Farmhouses in our Pakistan. In Lahore there are around 500 Farmhouses.

Farmhouses in Lahore

Farmhouses in Lahore are situated in different areas and are used for different occasions, such as weddings, corporate events, private events etc . From Ring Road to DHA, from thokar to Burki and Bedian road. Each farmhouse in Lahore has its own individuality, for example they vary in architecture, area, amenities and facilities. If you are looking for Farmhouse in Lahore on google, then individual farmhouses will appear. This means you will have to go to each farmhouse separately and weigh its pros and cons. But if you go on a look out for farmhouse in Lahore through VenueHub then the process will be very easy and seamless.

When VenueHub will show you farmhouses, the most important thing in your mind will be the location. Since there are bedian road farmhouses and burki road farmhouses and farmhouses in DHA, so it will be tough to choose the location. But in most cases clients choose locations that are near their house and guests. For example, a farmhouse at the end of Bedian road will obviously not be considered in front of a farmhouse in DHA and vice versa.

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Farmhouses in DHA

If we talk about farmhouses in DHA, then it will be interesting to know that the older phases of DHA Lahore (which are phase 1, 2,3 and 4) have no farmhouse at all. Yes, you heard that right! Farmhouses in DHA start from Phase 5 to Phase 8 and then on burkri and bedian road. So there is are a lot of options for protentional clients.

farm houses in dha for events

Farmhouses for pool parties

Now let’s discuss Farmhouses for pool parties. Pakistan witnesses around 8 month of summer seasons. The summers are brutal here. During summer break school, college and university students look for entertainment. And the best way to get entertained during summers is to have a pool parties. Again, there is a long list of Farmhouses for pool parties. Students usually have less budget so the charges for farmhouse for pool parties is low. Young kids enjoy in the pool by either swimming or playing games like water fight or holi. Names of Farmhouse for pool parties are mostly spread through strong word of mouth. 

One university kid hosts a pool parties, his friend’s friend, hears about it and tells his group of friends to host a farmhouse for pool parties at that particular farmhouse. Just like people search for Farmhouses for pool parties, people also search for farmhouse for parties. These parties could be of various types such as cocktail parties, a meet and greet parties, bridal or baby shower, birthday and kitty parties. For all of the above-mentioned types of parties, potential client will search for farmhouse for parties. Parties that are for adults unlike students, have a different feel altogether. The hosts of such parties also search for farmhouse for parties. Once they get the list, there is a chance that they will look for more options. They call each farmhouse owner and ask the relevant questions. When they like a particular farmhouse in Lahore from its picture, they visit it personally to make sure they have made the right decision. One a private party of adults has taken place; the images get viral. And that’s how a farmhouse for parties gets famous. Now let’s talk about farmhouse for pool parties. Kids are more prone to taking multiple pictures as compared to adults.

Young college and university going student are very active on social media. In fact, most of them are self-proclaimed bloggers. A farmhouse for pool parties can take full advantage of this. The videos and pictures of the pool parties will get viral on social media. Other young students will get impressed and will choose the same farmhouse for pool parties. VenueHub provides farmhouse for parties and farmhouse for pool parties. There is a bit of competition but because of the huge number of registered Farmhouses at VenueHub, no other farmhouse has reached the level of VenueHub. VenueHub has given farmhouse for parties and farmhouse for pool parties, you can have a look at it on our social media handles. We would like to recommend our visitors to book an appointment with us so that we can show you our farmhouse for pool parties. Many people also make it mango parties, hence making the experience even more memorable. Since we are aware that students are on a budget therefore, we offer them less charges. We want them to have the experience and keep the memories with them forever. Our job doesn’t end with providing farmhouse for parties or farmhouse for pool parties. We make sure our clients get exceptional services such as rooms, kitchen etc . The students who choose farmhouse for pool part, are given separate rooms for changing and eating.

farm house for pool parties in Lahore

Farmhouses for rent

Many people who look for farmhouse in Lahore are in actuality looking for farmhouse for rent. They might need the farmhouse for rent, starting from a couple of hours to 1-2 days. Farmhouse for rent may have multiple reasons. The person hosting the part for parties may hunt for farmhouse for a get away from the city, live in the suburbs, have a relaxing weekend. So, there are multiple reasons to for farmhouse for rent. Many clients come to us looking for a parties in remote areas. Since we have multiple options, so we make them visit all the farmhouse for rent. We can proudly state that our entire process is transparent, therefore while showing the various farmhouse for rent, we tell our potential client about all aspects of different farmhouse for rent.

Farmhouses in Lahore for wedding

Now let’s talk about farmhouse in Lahore for event and farmhouse in Lahore for wedding. A wedding is a girls most important day her life. In many cases, most of the girls have dreamt of a perfect wedding day from a very long time. And why shouldn’t she? After all its her big day, all the eyes will be on her. Therefore, not only the bride but her family are also on a hunt for farmhouse in Lahore for wedding. How will they start the search for the perfect farmhouse in Lahore for wedding? First of all they will decide whether they want to go for a hall or a farmhouse. The advantage of a farmhouse is that you don’t have time constraint. But the downside is that most of the Farmhouses in Lahore are located out of the city. The commute time can be an issue. But then again, a farmhouse is a much bigger space as compared to a hall. 

Farmhouses in Lahore for wedding making your best day of life

 On the basis of this, if the family opts for farmhouse in Lahore they will search for farmhouse in Lahore or farmhouse in Lahore for wedding. Multiple Farmhouses have started independently advertising their company on google. So, after typing farmhouse in Lahore for event, they will be shown various Farmhouses. The potential client will go on each link and call them. That is a tedious process. Today no one has that kind of time. So, the easiest way to select a farmhouse is by visiting VenueHub. VenueHub has over 450 registered venues. We have successfully dealt with 1200 clients in just 3 years.

Farmhouses in DHA Lahore

When we talk about the most ideal places for Parties, then bahria town farm houses Lahore, DHA farmhouse Lahore and Bedian road Lahore farm house are the best. They are on everyone’s wish list. Let’s talk about Bedian road farmhouse first. Bedian road is located at the ten of DHA Phase 6. Its entrance is either from Phase 6 or Bedian road itself. There is a huge number of Farmhouses on Bedian road. There are many Farmhouses there that are completely private, hence the owner never gives their space commercially. Apart from that Bedian road Lahore farm house is very popular. The problems people face for Bedian road Lahore farm house is not present in DHA farmhouse Lahore. First of all, DHA farm house Lahore is located in the center of DHA. There is no issue of commuting. Location can be found easily. Moving on, lets talk about bahria town farm house. The farm houses are new but again Bahria town is located at a very distant location. So, if we compare bahria town farm house Lahore, DHA farmhouse Lahore and Bedian road Lahore farm house, the most ideal one will be DHA farmhouse Lahore. But then again, the requirements of clients may vary and bahria town farm house will suit them more.

How can VenueHub help you?

We would like to conclude that our clients are our ambassadors and they endorse us. Whether they are commercial client or private client. We believe in nothing but delivering in the best. We strive for excellence and it is because of this aggressive nature to becoming the best that has helped us achieve where we are today. If a client is looking for a farm house is Lahore, then we will visit them, understand their requirements and instead of showing 400 venues we will shortlist the ones that best suits their requirements and make them visit the shortlisted farm houses in Lahore. A lot of people search for farm house near me. These are the people who want quick and fast options. Once they write farm house near me, the google map will show them Farmhouses near them. They will select the one that suits them the most and will get in touch with the owner. Similarly, if someone is looking for farm house for rent, they can easily hunt down. They can either look it on their own or hire VenueHub for that purpose. And when there is a wedding season, the top searched are farm house in Lahore for events & Farm house in Lahore for weddings. This mostly happens from the start of August till March. The wedding season in Lahore is long. Its peak occurs from October to February. Maximum queries happen in this month. The season is so busy that the farm houses in Lahore are booked from at least 3 months before. People in Pakistan book for the venue at least 6 months before. Farmhouses in Lahore, farm house for parties and farm house for pool parties are very popular in summers. Many people fly abroad but many stay in Pakistan. Their only option is going to North or stay here. They can’t spend entire summer break in the northern areas. So, they opt for farm houses for pool parties. Chilled water, company of friends and music creates a beautiful environment. VenueHub is just a click away! Plan your event with us, whether its private or commercial. We handle both the categories. Our team of professional event planners will guide you on every step, understand your requirements and bring out the best! Please contact us on the given contact details and customer service representative will get back to you promptly.