Gone are the days when the would-be couple would pose like a mannequin. Modern wedding photography expresses more drama, emotion and flair than a traditional picture.

At that’s exactly what we offer…

We have Lahore’s leading photographers in our panel

  • Irfan Ahson
  • Opmshoots by Osman Pervias Mughal
  • Sara Idress portraits
  • The Videographers
  • Ayesha Ijaz Photography

Getting to know the couple

We always recommend the happy could to meet up in an informal environment so that the photographers get to know the personality of their client. We believe its imperative for both the parties to discuss the ideas and expectation from each other. Its always good to involve the bride and groom (to-be) in the creative process. Once the creative direction has been decided, then comes the list of props that would be used.

We believe it is very important to:

  • Find a wedding photography family photo coordinator who can guide about which guests to cover the most.
  • Visit the locations in advance and discuss the poses and angles.
  • Have a discussion about the bridal dress and look that the couple would have

Choosing the right photographer

There is a huge list of wedding photographers in Lahore. In fact, the list is unlimited. It becomes difficult for the bride and groom (to-be) to decide which photographer to finalize. Also today, any person who has a professional camera, proclaims to be a photographer. These are the type of indivuals because of whom the clients have become very cautious and think twice before finalizing a photographer. Sounds like a tedious job, right?  This is where we enter in the picture. We inquire about the expectations, budget and theme with out clients and then take them to the short-listed photographers. We remain involved till the final pictures and album has been shared with the clients. Hence, we provide a seamless process for our clients.

Wedding coming ahead? We are just a call away from providing you the perfect photography experience.