Product Launches

We believe a launch event is a perfect way to not only showcase your product but to build hype around it. The launch event can even acquire some sales right at the event.Our objective is to not just execute an event but also build a strong word-of-the-mouth around it. We have executed a decent number of product launches.


Booking an event, executing it and event ends. Sounds boring right? We execute various activities way before the event starts. We plan a pre-launch PR activity. We send a teaser on various social media platform to add curiosity. This increases the anticipation. While there’s no set rule, try to hold the event no more than two weeks before the release date

Post-event follow up

Once the event gets over, the hype will naturally go down. We adopt the same strategy that we did for the pre-event marketing. This includes lots of social media activity, continuing use of the event hashtag, and sending out newsletters.