So, we are all aware of Shendi. It is either mehndi & barat or barat & Walima. Being event planners, we don’t endorse this concept. There are several factors associated with it. The most important one is time management. If you are going to have your Shehndi in a marquee or hall, then you will have time constraint. This means you will not be able to perform all the traditional activities. The event of Mehndi has various activities associated with it. The list begins from entrance of bride and groom, mehndi and dholak and finally the dances. All of this takes at least 40 minutes. The event of Barat is all about the groom and bride on the stage and posing. This is followed by the “rasam” of juuta chupai and duudh pilayi. So if you add up the time duration of both the events it would become somewhere near two and a half hour. If you plan on doing Shendi and still want to perform all the traditional activities then you are in for a big shock. So, we don’t recommend this kind of Shehndi

Now, lets talk about the shendi we do recommend. Its barat and walima being on event. There is no imperative activity on walima. Walima is all about pictures and yes some couples do cut cake, which I find very cute. This kind of Shendi can work perfectly. Although personally, we disapprove both kind of shendis. Why to merge the events? We all love big fat weddings! Let it be this way!