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Farmhouse booking with venuehub:

Ever since there is a control over covid situation folks are finding places to celebrate their long-awaited functions and wedding. Finding the right spot might turn out to be pretty hectic if you are alone in your search but with venuehub things can be made easier without any hassle.

Venuehub has the capacity to spot and locate perfect farmhouses in Lahore or other places for your event. If you are looking for a large place to accommodate large number of people for your event then you can avail the services of venuehub to opt for a farmhouse booking for parties

Our aim

On the overall front we are accommodating around 12000 plus clients every now and then. We not only serve local clients but we have the same policy and rules for our overseas clients as well. We allow our clients to book on with us because we tend to offer

Farmhouses for weddings

Venuehub had been in the industry for long now. They have the potential to find perfect locations for your events in the form of parties and weddings. Hoping for a farmhouse for weddings can be quite a search but here few farmhouses with ultimate location had been jotted down to save time and energy.

Swimming pool DHA-5

DHA is one of the posh areas of the city Lahore. DHA-5 comprises of a farmhouse that comes with a beautiful and large farmhouse. The farmhouse is based on 12 kanals which is a suitable for events and parties. Almost 15 plus cars can occupy the space. This farmhouse also offers two baths for both men and women. The pricing rate starts from 70,000 rupees.

Khanpur dam

Apart from Lahore many other locations offer beautiful farmhouses such as haripur which is closer to the capital city. Haripur has a well-designed farmhouse near khanpur dam. The area offers 12 kanal of area with 6 baths and 10 car parking spots. The price starts from 100,000.


With thokar 1, thokar niaz baig in Lahore is another area located in the city of Lahore. It offers a farmhouse thokar with 50 kanal area and capacity to park 50 plus cars. The price of this place starts from 100,000.

Farmhouse- Wapda town

Wapda town is another outstanding housing society based in the central place of Lahore. Wapda town society has a beautiful farmhouse which is based over 40 kanal areas. It is a perfect spot for outdoor weddings and events. 20 plus cars can be parked in the area with enough space. The farmhouse also offers two baths. The starting price is 140,000 which is reasonable for weddings.

Thokar 1

Another farmhouse in Lahore suitable for weddings and large parties is situated over thokar 1 area. It offers about 30 kanal area with a space of 20 car parking. The starting price range is about 300,000. If you are interested then visiting the area is a best option.

Wapda city

Faisalabad also offers well-located farmhouse spots. Wapda city 127 is based in Faisalabad area with 2 kanal area only. This spot is for small outdoor birthdays and weddings.  


DHA-in Lahore also offers a farmhouse with splendid and spacious area of about 30 kanal with almost 6 baths and car parking space of 50 plus cars. Starting price is around 200,000.

Just all the above mentioned there are a lot more farmhouses located in Lahore and other areas associated with it. Whichever place suits you well you can select and read details. After you have selected the right spot you can contact venuehub which books for free.

Despite all the above listed we are altogether offering about 265 plus farmhouses for our local as well as overseas clients. We are also offering 350 plus halls/marquees.